The Monday Snapshot – Mom of 2 Edition

IMG_0462Phew, we are 24 hours into this parenting of 2 gig, and so far it’s been an interesting transition. Stella has been great with Harvey, but she’s also on the edge of a meltdown at all times, and she is very much in aΒ mommy mommy mommy mode. This morning was fairly heartbreaking as we tried to get her ready for daycare. She didn’t want to get dressed, didn’t want to get in the car without me, didn’t want to see her friends at daycare — she just wanted to stay home with Mommy & baby brother. πŸ™ Poor thing. We are going to be sending her 2 days/week while I’m home on maternity leave, and I think it will be good for her to stay in that routine, but I can tell she’s also needing some Mommy time too. Big changes for all of us…


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    Oh, poor girl (and poor Mom!). Gracie was AWESOME the first week Lyla was here, AWFUL the second week, then great from there on out. It will certainly be an adjustment for everyone and might seem never ending, but it really will all ease together so soon.

  2. That is exactly how it went in our house–Mira loved Leila, but was always on the verge of a meltdown and wanted me constantly (“Just Mama!”). She settled down in a week or two now. We’re going through it again now that I’m going back to work, but you may get out of that because you’re keeping Stella in daycare. Things will even out. In the meantime, don’t be too hard on yourself if there’s a lot of tv/iPad use. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yep…that’s what I was going to say. HGB was younger, so it was a different transition in those early weeks, but there was an increased amount of Finding Nemo, for sure. By and large, the transition with him as been good, but it was hard on ME. Take good care of yourself and it will trickle down. Takes time – I know you know this…just remember to feel it too. XOXO

  3. That’s such a big adjustment for Stella, her whole world has changed, but I know you guys will keep giving her lots of attention! One of the biggest things that helped us, was to continue to keep Aiden involved with Callen. Even though it’s difficult, let Stella help with diaper changes, etc so that she feels needed. Have her bring her dolls or books wherever you are and let her play next to you. Let her pretend to “nurse” her baby doll and put her baby to sleep too. Sometimes the best thing is to just let her be attached to you for awhile until she feels secure again. My hubby took Aiden outside alot and to the park, swimming, etc. so I could rest/breastfeed. The extra one-on-one time with him really made things easier! Also, we bought Aiden a few new toys/puzzles for him so that he had something new to focus on for awhile. Stella is going to be a great big sister, it will just take some time for her to adjust to her new life! Hang in there, it’s going to a juggling act for awhile, but you guys will do great!

  4. Poor thing! Such a big transition for everyone. I hope things start to get “easier” as time goes on. What a cute picture.

  5. Hang in there, Stella! Right now her world has just been completely rocked (despite any preparation that was attempted), and when that happens, it makes complete sense to want to grasp at her attachment with mama. She’ll adjust to the transition, and you’ll love watching her love on Harvey. Congratulations again, friend! xoxo

  6. Well the good news is, she loves her little brother and is happy to have him around.. now just working on getting used to sharing Mama with him, but she will get there πŸ™‚ I think it is a great idea to still have her go to daycare a couple of days a week. This is what my SIL did with her older son as well so that she could get one on one time with the baby without big brother needing in there too, which then makes time when both are home a lot easier on everyone because Mama can be shared a bit more during those times. I am sure it will just take a little time because Stella is enjoying her new world and the new routine. She is going to be one amazing big sister! πŸ™‚

  7. πŸ™ I know many have written extensively on the subject of transitioning from one child to two (or from one child going from being the youngest to the middle). And I know I struggled greatly with this when I was younger (of course my parents were far from sensitive about it and instead proceeded to guilt trip me about it for the past 30 yrs). Anyway, I think your plan is a good one. And I will be thinking of all of you as you enter this new chapter.

  8. Awww – I think Stella’s reaction is totally normal. To be honest, from my experience (which it probably totally not going to be yours but I love sharing), Taylor LOVED daycare until Alex was born. Now she wants to be home all the time. It has been such a change that we have dropped them from going four days a week to two days a week, just to keep them both in the house.

    Anyway – I’m still overjoyed that everything went just as you planned. And more Harvey pics please!

  9. Aw! I love how in touch you are, so we can peek in on your life. I cannot believe how quickly all of this went down once labor started. I guess it’s the lack of hospital stay, but it’s cool how quickly you are all in your normal life routine.

    My heart is just bursting with happiness for you and your little family of four. I wouldn’t want to go to daycare if I was Stella either (I’m about to show up at your doorstep to snuggle Harvey!), but it’s good for her to have that outlet to run and play and be herself.

  10. Awww poor Stella! πŸ™ I am worried of this happening too. Poor girl. Definitely a big change. I can’t wait to hear about your birth experience! You know…when you are not busy juggling a newborn…a toddler..and recovering from childbirth lol

  11. The only tears I shed when Bryson was born were over missing my time with Matthew, and knowing he was missing it too. It’s a hard transition for everyone.

  12. Huge congratulations!! You look great and Harvey is adorable (love the name btw)!

  13. Congratulations!!!! I know it is so hard making that transition. But you are right keeping her going to daycare 2 days a week is great to keep her into her routine. And when she is home, no matter how tired you are when baby sleeps you do something special with her, whether it be painting her toenails, or reading her her favorite book. It’ll balance out. It took our house about a month to fully transition to a ‘normal’ routine. Again big Congrats!!!!

  14. I hear ya on this one! We kept nora at daycare two days a week also….it helped a ton! Congrats,,,,he is beautiful!

  15. It sounds like you guys have a great plan. Trying to balance the needs of Harvey, Stella AND take care of yourself is going to take time, but I’m sure you’ll get there πŸ™‚ congratulations on the beautiful new addition! I can’t wait to read your birth story!!!

  16. I think if Stella has been great with Harvey, that’s wonderful news! All the transition will take time, for everyone, but I like the idea of Stella still going to daycare a few days a week to keep with her routine and give you some alone time with Harvey. I know for me I wanted to soak up as many baby snuggles as I could, but with Chloe around all the time, I felt guilty. Not to mention I really couldn’t since I had to divide my attention between Drake and her. You look so happy with your arms full in that picture and not like you gave birth just hours before!!

  17. Oh those little toddlers are so smart, they really just know what to do for a little extra attention. Hope all goes well, you are an awesome mom!!! ENJOY!!!!! I love the name!

  18. Welcome Harvey!! What a sweetie with a sweet name. Congrats to all of you! The toddler-to-two-kids transition is a wild one, but eight weeks in things are finally settling around here. Whatever you need to do to stay sane, do it!

  19. Congratulations and hang in there. The transition is always the hardest part, but she will thanks u for him one day. πŸ™‚

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