A Much Needed Lift

Well, it’s official. My once perky 36Cs are not quite the same after two pregnancies and two nursing babies. Now they’re actually pretty sad and flat and droopy and…yep. You get the picture.

How do you like my ghetto photoshopped version of this meme that's been going around? :)

How do you like my ghetto photoshopped version of this meme that’s been going around? 🙂

Last Sunday I got a rare morning to run errands without the kids, and I decided to swing into JCPenny’s to pick up a couple of t-shirts for my husband. While I was walking out I passed by the lingerie section, and on a whim I decided it was time to purchase some new bras. My current selection is made up of underwire-free pregnancy bras and unclippable nursing bras that are now entirely too large for me now that I’m not pregnant or nursing. #sadpanda


These are currently drying before being handed over to my BFF who is 31 weeks pregnant and can hopefully use them!

At any rate, they were having a big sale, plus I had a 20% off coupon on my phone, so I ended up getting two new bras for a total of like $40. Score!

I went super boring and got basic black and classic nude, but MAN does it feel good to at least see a semblance of the good ole’ days when I look in the mirror. It’s amazing what a good bra can do for the ladies. 🙂


I wore this shirt under a sweater to work today, and damn it felt good!



  1. Yes! This was how I felt when I bought my new bras after losing weight. I need to do it again since weaning. I never got as big worth Bryson as I did with Matthew, yet the cheap bastard in me didn’t want to buy new nursing bras, so I suffered through it putting the smaller girls in the massive cups. Awful! They’re is nothing like a perfectly fitting bra!

    Your girls look awesome!!! 😁

  2. mcmissis · · Reply

    Omgwtf you are INSIDE my brain this week. It is starting to creep me out 🙂 I went bra shopping for this same reason a couple weeks back and have been meaning to post about my experience back inside good ol’ Victoria Secret 🙂

    1. Haha, I’d love to hear about your experience as well! I’d have gone to a Vikkis if we had one closer to home 🙂

  3. Yes I felt so much better after being fitted again once I stopped nursing. I got a black one and went a bit more bold with a red one and love how much perkier they make me look!

  4. I cannot wait to wean and buy non nursing bras myself! One day! Good for you for doing this, and can I say without sounding like a creeper that the new bra gives you lovely shape?

    1. Thank you! That’s what I was going for. 🙂

  5. I have the worst fitting bras and it seriously is one of those little things that is actually a big thing that I really need to fix. Good for you for getting it done!

  6. Yes! I just went to Victoria’s Secret last weekend with a $10 off coupon and was fitted since I am done nursing as well. I am normally a 34B but went up to a C while pregnant and nursing. Feels so good to get back to some properly fitting non maternity or nursing bras! 😉 I did find after 4 kids I am pretty small chest wise and didn’t gain much, so mine didn’t fluctuate too much even after nursing.

  7. Looking good! I just bought a couple of new bras for while I’m nursing and have 34DDs!! Omg. I used to be a 34B for Pete’s sake. I can’t imagine how they will sag when i stop nursing… Oh well. I love that meme.

    1. Ha, I went from a 36b/c to a 36 or 38e. It was nuts for awhile!

  8. I have fallen in love with Aerie bras! the last couple I got (my others were, oh, 15 years old LOL) were racerback which is awesome bc I don’t constantly have to pull the straps back onto my shoulders. score! 🙂

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