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4 in 5, and Grandma is Gone

Today marks 5 months since little Harvey was born into my arms in the temporary pool we had set up in our guest bedroom. That was such a fantastic, wonderful day, and yet I mourn how much of the first 5 months of his life I’ve spent crying. It doesn’t feel fair to my family, […]

Blogging & Motherhood

So many of the infertility bloggers I have followed throughout the years have slowly dropped off over time – either from writing about their kids or from writing completely. Sometimes it’s because of privacy concerns, and sometimes it’s because they feel too busy to write. People say they couldn’t possibly make the time to blog with […]

Lazy Days Off

I work 4 days a week at my job, and my day off has been switching lately for various reasons. This week I had Thursday off, and it was a BEAUTIFUL spring day (which was all the more appreciated since we had snow again just a few days ago). During Harvey’s nap Stella and I […]

The Monday Snapshot – Daddy’s Boy Edition

It’s been so much fun to see the relationship start to develop between Charlie and Harvey. <3 my boys.

Let Her Go

This was one of my sister-in-law’s favorite songs, and for anyone who knew Jaime, you know that she always listened to her favorite songs on repeat for months on end. It drove us nuts sometimes, but it was also one of the things we loved about her. She (and my husband) are really good at […]

The Best Birthday Yet

I woke up for the first time today at 1:15am after a wondrous 4 hour stretch of sleep (thanks, Harvey!). As I nursed my baby boy, I thought oh my gosh, this is exactly how and so NOT how I envisioned my life would be when I was 32. It’s continually astonishing to me lately to […]

Harvey’s Home Birth – Part 1

On Sunday, January 12th at 6:34am, our son Harvey Adam was born into this world via the most perfect home water birth experience I could have ever asked for. My husband, initially on the fence about the entire home birth idea, has spent the days since telling everyone how awesome it was (200% better than […]

Kisses for Mama?


Everlasting Love

Grandpa Elmo died of a heart attack in 1974, and we’re pretty sure this was published in the local paper on Valentine’s Day of that year, so this would have been the last Valentine’s Day my grandparents had together on this earth. My Mom said that she thinks the hard times he was referring to […]

10 Reasons

Maggie May is a woman whose blog I started following her years ago when she was struggling with endo and TTC for her daughter, Ever Elizabeth. Maggie is a poet and an artist, and I’ve continued following her throughout the years because of her beautiful, honest writing about life and relationships. Everything is just so real in her […]

The Monday Snapshot – Birthday Edition

I’m writing this while coming off the high of spending an entire birthday weekend with my awesome family and great friends. On Friday after work, a few of my girlfriends randomly showed up in need of a drink, and the four of us ended up going out for an impromptu girls’ night after Stells was […]

In His 30s

Charlie woke up today officially “in his 30s” (as opposed to just being 30), and he said he definitely felt a little older. 🙂

And She’s Off!!!

On November 30th at 51w1d, Stella started taking a few steps at time. The first time was that morning as I tried to sneak away to shower for work. She looked over at me from her box of stuffed animals, started doing her whiny/cry, and walked right over to me. Consider my jaw dropped. 🙂 […]

9 Months, That’s Right

HUGE thanks to my friend Nicky for stopping by to take such wonderful pictures!! We took these in about a 5 minute span two weeks ago when she stopped by on her way to the grocery store. LOVE them so much!!

Words of Affirmation

Four years ago this month, my husband and I were married in a gorgeous ceremony on the side of the mountain, just minutes from where we now make our home. Four years ago this month, I received two copies of The Five Love Languages (one as a bridal shower gift, one as a wedding gift), and […]

Four Years

Char and I have been together since April 2005 and married since July 2008. This has been such a fun day to look back at everything that has changed in our lives over the past four years. July 19, 2008: Our Wedding Day – What an awesome day. July 19, 2009: 1st Anniversary – Camping […]

His First Father’s Day

This post is being submitted to the Monthly Theme Post on PAIL. Click here to find out how to join in! Luckily for my husband, Father’s Day never gave him negative/hard feelings while we were TTC. He was always very focused on celebrating his dad and was of the mindset of if it’s going to happen […]