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#NaBloPoMo – Day 9, Rewriting the Narrative

I had a post all planned for yesterday that was a total rant about having to always be the cruise director of the family to make sure the kids are taken care of – even though I work full time, just like my husband. Then at the work conference I was at, one of the […]

Full Up

The comic You Should’ve Asked by French cartoonist Emma made the rounds on Facebook a few weeks ago, and it SO perfectly sums up my life right now. Go ahead, click on it and read it before you come back here. It’s important. I don’t mean to lay the blame all on my husband – he’s […]

Things I Learned at Marriage Counseling

To be clear, I think my husband learned a lot about me as well, but below are a few things I learned (and/or accepted) about him/us at our first joint appointment last Thursday. I figured I’d share them here in case anyone else who reads this blog is struggling and might identify with a few of […]

Day 22, #NaBloPoMo – My First Try at Official Therapy

I just got back to my office after my first ever official therapy session, which seems a bid odd to say considering the title of this blog. Ha! Clearly my “cheap version” isn’t quite hacking it anymore… no offense bloggie friends. 😉 Charlie and I actually met for a quick lunch first, which was really […]

Love & Marriage

A few months ago, my marriage was in a really bad spot. Honestly? It was at rock bottom. I wrote about it a little bit here and here and here. We got some great relationship books to read (which we honestly haven’t gotten all the way through yet, but so far we like them so thank you […]

Baby Steps & Hopefully Good Reads

So upon the recommendations of a couple of you, I purchased three different books last week for Charlie and I to read together to hopefully jump start some of the tough conversations we have in our future. For Women Only For Men Only The Introvert and Extrovert In Love: Making It Work When Opposites Attract […]

Where Love Began is Not Where It Will End

A post popped up in my Facebook timeline this morning that made me cry. I don’t officially follow their page, but it is the company from which I always order the kids’ Christmas ornaments and my beautiful stacking rings, so it caught my eye. And my heart. maybe love doesn’t last  I clicked over and read her blog […]


Facebook photos don’t ever tell the whole story, do they? To the world, we had a great weekend spent as a family on a mini-vacation. To us, it was another stressful weekend that had moments of fun but was mostly filled with more bickering and tears, harsh words and ultimatums. We are most definitely at […]

Memories, Not Dreams

Yesterday marked the 11 year anniversary of my first date with my husband. We’ve been through our share of ups and downs over those 11 years, and honestly, right now we are still working through one of the down spells. These times are tough, but I suppose most marriages go through this, so I take […]

…and then he goes and *TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF*

Marriage is tough on so many levels, and I think once you have kids it tends to get even tougher for most people. Charlie and I have been in a decent place lately, but we still struggle with feeling like we’re growing apart sometimes. Busy lives get in the way of togetherness & romance and […]

The Monday Snapshot – Reconnecting Edition

Well, after my post last Friday, I’m happy to report that Charlie and I spent more time talking together this past weekend than we have in literally months! Friday night we went to dinner together with the family (our regular Friday night tradition). It was the four of us and Charlie’s parents along with two […]